Rene R. Froilan
Chief Executive Officer

FROILAN TRADING is a fast growing seaweed processing company in Cebu, Philippines. Established in 2003, the company humbly started trading of Dried Eucheuma Cottonii and Dried Eucheuma Spinosum Seaweed for Kappa and Iota carrageenan production. A year after, we ventured in the production of Alkali Treated Chips (ATC), serving both the domestic and international markets.

Our vast knowledge and expertise with decades-long of experience in the seaweed industry paved the way to the completion of our Semi-Refined Carrageenan (SRC) facility, located in a two-hectare property in Cebu. The production facility has a current monthly capacity of 200 metric tons of semi-refined carrageenan and specialty carrageenan-blend products for various applications and can also produce another 200 metric tons of Alkali Treated Chips (ATC). The company has a wider room for expansion of its SRC production capacity and is envisioning itself to reach 600 metric tons monthly production within the next five (5) years.

Though we are a small player in the industry, FROILAN TRADING prides itself equipped with technology and expertise in creating high quality carrageenan products and Alkali Treated Chips thus the reason why we were able to withstand the stiff competition in the industry. We have maintained our competence in catering the specific needs of our domestic and global clients through the years.

“Quality, reliability and cost-effective products guaranteed.”

Come to the right source, FROILAN TRADING.