Our Vision

To be the leading global manufacturer and supplier of high quality, cost-effective, sustainable and reliable semi refined carrageenan products, alkali-treated Eucheuma chips and specialty carrageenan-blend products in the Philippines.

 Our Mission

Continuously develop, improve and create a better Company with high quality products, providing sustainable income to our partners, employees, suppliers, customers, and the company itself.

Create highly motivated employees and workers by providing a safe, healthy and fair working environment.

Provide cost-effective yet high quality alkali treated Eucheuma chips and carrageenan products through continuous improvement of technical knowledge and Research & Development.

Support reliable and sustainable seaweed farmers to maintain a steady increase of supply of dried Eucheuma seaweeds.

Ensure consistent compliance to the Environmental Laws and Policies thus creating an environment-friendly Company.

Assist the community in providing employment, help in their Enrichment & Enhancement Programs, and provide aid in disasters.

Maintain good business relationship with suppliers and service providers to ensure continuous sustainable flow of operation