FroGEL Series

FroGEL Series are pure carrageenan or blended products. These carrageenan series are widely used for gelling, binding and thickening of water-based products.

FroGEL MB Series

for processed meat and poultry

FroGEL WD Series

for dessert gels and jellies

FroGEL AFG Series

for air freshener gels

FroLAC Series

FroLAC Series are pure carrageenan or blended products used for viscosity building. It stabilizes cocoa suspension, texturizers and provides excellent mouth feel in chocolate, coffee, tea & soya milk,  cheese, ice cream, flans, puddings & other dairy products.

FroLAC CM Series

for chocolate, coffee, tea, & soya milk

FroLAC ICF Series

for ice cream, yogurt, cheese, flans, and puddings

FroTEC Series

FroTEC Series are pure carrageenan products for technical applications like beer fining, oil drilling and petfood.

FroTEC PF Series

for petfood applications

FroTEC BFO Series

for beer fining & oil drilling

FroPOP Series

FroPOP Series are pure or blended carrageenan products used for personal, oral and pharmaceutical applications like shampoos & hair care products, lotions, beauty creams, body scrubs, toothpaste, capsules and tablets.

FroVIS BSG Series

FroVIS BSG Series are pure blended carrageenan products. It is an excellent viscosity builder and stabilizer of beverages, sauces, gravy and dips.